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Be Prepared! Be Active! Explore Caucasus!
2015-3-ES02-KA105-006928 Supported by Erasmus+
Sierra Elvira, Atarfe. Granada.
February 1, 2016 – August 31, 2016

Project «Be Prepared Be Active!Explore Caucasus» is a Youth Exchange in Pona , Lagodekhi Region (Georgia), 23.-30.05.2016 involving four partners: Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad ( Applicant Organisation) and Association «Georgian Youth for Europe» Georgia(Hosting Organization), Latvia-«Youth for City-City for Youth», FYCA-Armenia; East organisation will be represented by 6 participants and 1 Group Leader. The youth Exchange is based on existing need of an organization that develops young people through different outdoor and indoor activities. The aim of the project is to improve competencies of youngsters in the field of experiential learning and using sport/outdoor activities as a tools of non-formal education.The objectives are :- to explain the main principles of outdoor education and using experience as learning tool with the main focus on outdoor activities- to enhance utilizing existing activities through understanding of their principle and possible adoption according to the goal of activity- through the own experience to increase motivation of participants and their involvement in organizing activities in the nature.-promote healthy life style and sport activities.-to experience camping and living outdoors;We expect 6 motivated participants age 17+ and 1 leaders from each country, total amount of people 28. During project time we will provide extensive and various methods of out-door activities for youth in order for them to enjoy participation, have fun, create a base for their future development in sport, stimulate participant mutual communication, experience exchange and discussions. In the first day of the project, there will be several name games and team building activities to help participants get to know each other. In mornings short funny games in order to wake up participants. The basic methodology of the project will include on communication based and “learn by doing” methods.Main activity blocks:First aid – knowing how to keep your self fit and how to treat injuries is an important part of outdoor education and sport . This knowledge will help the youth understand how they can protect themselves in out-door sport activities. Outdoor cooking, Fire making, Camp construction – the amount of time we spend just to set up camp, cook, clean, gather firewood, etc. illustrates the amount of effort these things take without the benefits of dishwashers, ovens, cleaning solution etc. It helps us appreciate how good and easy we have it now, but it also teaches us important survival techniques when we wont have access to such amenities. Olympic games – this working method will promote peace through sport, preserve human dignity and confront any form of discrimination, protect the environment and promote sustainable development, and supporting education and culture.Orientation, mapping and compass – Navigation and field mapping skills will help us know where we are, where we are going, how we are going to get there, how long it will take, and when we will get back. These skills will help us never be lost in forest/outdoor and some other strange places.Traditional/national outdoor games – discovering each other national, traditional games is the way how to share and present our culture and identity and keep cultural heritage. Hiking – Discover the Nature,Discover personal weaknesses and strengths during the hike walk. Team building – participants will be divided into nationally mixed working groups. It will promote intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and experience exchange. Working side by side to reach common goals will give an opportunity to get to know other culture traditions, We believe the Youth Exchange will be for participants enriching experience that will wake up their curiosity, foster their creativity, build their confidence for implementing their ideas and future actions and foster their further self-development. We expect that participants later use the new knowledge and skills in their personal/professional lives and share them with other team-mates in their surroundings. The Youth Exchange should be also space for their intercultural learning and exchanges of different attitudes, working styles and experience as for most of the project participants, this will be their first experience in Caucasus region.