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In July 2016 the representatives of the YCCY and EDF organizations met in a Ye + Erasmus in Georgia. 
During this exchange the common idea to create future collaboration on the issue of cultural integration among young people. 
Therefore, we have started a selection process to identify two partner organizations compatible with the objectives of the project, the social environment and issues closely related to issues of integration and immigration. ARTEMIDE (Italy) and AETA (Romania) have been chosen as partners, as thay collaborated in the past with the host organization FES and work with young people at risk of social exclusion. Data provided by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) show that in the last decade about 65 million people have moved to developed countries. A significant example is Syria: according to UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), Syria is experiencing the «greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today. An estimated 13.5 million internally displaced persons need humanitarian assistance in The country and almost 5 million people living as refugees in other countries». 
The aim of the project is to improve knowledge on the subject of interculturality, integration, tolerance by establishing a deep reflection by a mixed group of participants and offering them a unique experience in an environment where Mix cultures, enriching each other through exchange, respect and solidarity. 
The project will have a significant impact at the external level through collaboration with several European organizations (YCCY, Artemide, AETA) and also at the community level creating new opportunities for people living in the host organization. The main objective is to be able to establish a fruitful intercultural dialogue through recreational activities of exchange with a non-formal methodology that favors personal growth through the experiential. In April 2018, 24 young people will find themselves in Granada for a youth exchange that promotes a policy of social and cultural change, and that try to promote the respect of diversity though multicultural education and solidarity.