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The project » SOS family assistence – European strategies for vocational training and job mobility» have as an objective to ensure the employability of family carers in Europe and the quality of assistance offered, through the recognition of skills and of the qualifications and the identification of innovative strategies targeted to the European job mobility. Through the project will be identified for this purpose the key skills that / students / and accessing the training courses for family carers must achieve a flexible and effective adjustment in employment, providing a previously the hypothesis of European mobility.

The creation of innovative training model for family caregivers provide for the inclusion of curricular competences that can allow
the development of entrepreneurship models to be activated by the learners.

The actions expected by the project will highlight the key skills of strengthening to be included in vocational training programs that partner institutions will implement, jointly building operating procedures of the training actions run to ensure the quality of interventions .

The project will see the staff of the partners involved in the construction of a specific training program which involves learning
different disciplines with innovative methods of teaching and a specific building sector networks that allow the cross between demand and supply of labor.

Professional training offered through the use of innovative methodologies and advance oriented to European mobility will enable the development of strategic skills for employment purposes.

The project includes a constant contact between the partner organizations ( already tested collaborations with other successful projects), and the implementation of training actions aimed at achieving objectives, namely:
· 1 training (12 days) for 10 professionals of partner organizations with leadership roles / coordination and interface with public administrations and social services;
· 1 training of 2 Italian teachers in the course of the Romanian training for family caregivers in the field of culture, regulations and Italian language;
· 1 training of long-term for 10 social/family carers operators, already in possession of a degree, for obtaining the qualification of » Technician of intercultural mediation»;
· 1 training of 2 Romanian teachers in Italy in terms of Romanian culture and the management of the portal provided by the project in order to allow the independent management.

The intellectual output will be three , turned to three different targets that the project will achieve:
– Guidelines for the training and employability of family carers in European mobility;
– Portal » Assistence Advisor » for the cross between supply and demand in the field of family carers ;
– Field manual for family carers wishing to do business in European mobility.
The spread measures provide for achieving different target:
– Training institutions and social services;
– The families;
– Family assistants .

Therefore, in summary, the innovation that the project covers the following areas:
– Training program / CV innovative training;
– European job mobility targeted with prevention of fraud risks or trafficking for family caregivers;
– System procedures in the management of the quality of services offered, to be activated directly at the premises of the training courses so that they can offer added value to their students in terms of employment prospects;
– Increase in the satisfaction of both users of the same family carers, fostering positive experiences of cultural integration;
– Reduction in government spending.







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