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2014-1-ES01-KA104-002622 Supported by the Erasmus+ program
Sierra Elvira (Atarfe- Granada)
June 30 – July 1

FES has strong reasons for the improvement of its social services and for continuing its acivities in the field of education.
Periodically its staff participate in different courses, seminars and workshops.
In addition to developing its skills in training, FES also aspires to a place in an European conte to have new opportunities for training, management, building its own network of foreign partners of reference in several European countries.
For this reason, the opportunities gave by Erasmus + are great and fit perfectly with FES needs, and also with the ones of Artemide
With this project it will be possible to acquire new skills on one hand and on the other transfer Fes competences (also teaching in a new context is a training itself …).
Other important goals are, for all the project partners:
– To increase the awareness of European citizenship, the values and the opportunities made available by the European Union
– Enhancing language skills and communication skills in a foreign language
– Increase the knowledge in writing and managing proyects and self-financing the existing activities.


FES will send to Italy 9 staff persons for each of the following courses lasting two weeks each.
The operators has to be trained for both courses: project manager, teachers, tutors, managers and administrative staff.
1) Basic course in Italian Language
Methodologies adopted.
Explanations, interviews, use of audio and video tools.
To develop the writing, for each lesson, the teacher will assign a theme to play at home which will then be corrected during the next lesson.
During all lessons, students will have the opportunity to develop conversation, some topics will be assigned to prepare home and discuss in class.

2) Management Course
Methodologies adopted.
Role Playing
Simulation of cases.

Teaching activities of FES staff in the following courses lasting 13gg each.

1) Course of Spanish Language and Culture (2 teachers).
2) Innovative Management Course (2 teachers).
For both courses the methods adopted will be lectures, workshops and project work.

FES will send to Latiano (I) one person of its staff who, within 10 days will join Artemide Staff in their daily tasks.

Within each of the two courses organized by Artemis participants will adquire skills on Italian language and culture and they will evelop useful skills to generate a dialogue, a critique, an exchange and knowledge through dialogue to redefine the meaning and implement action plans about the management in third sector.
The vision of learning is different for those who will teach Spanish language and Innovative Management.
The resources involved will develop skills and attitudes in teaching in a European dimension and therefore will be able to compete different contexts from the usual ones.

Other important effects are expected for all project participants.
First will be increased awareness of European citizenship, values and the opportunities made available by the European Union.
Since we operate in an environment in which Spanish, Italian and English language are used, skills and communication skills in a foreign language will be an undoubted benefit that the project activities offer to the participants of both the partner associations.
Finally, the project will increase the predisposition to intercultural dialogue and brake down prejudices.

The impact on both partners will be at various levels as well as the growth of the skills of its workers is expected to increase the opportunities to propose Europe-wide thanks to the experience.
At local level both partners will benefit from a new and increased visibility in the medium term so that the stakeholders will look to them as a reference in their respective territories for the design of project, social intervention and training offer.