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2015-1-ES01-KA104-014925 Supported by ERASMUS + program
Sierra Elvira (Atarfe- Granada)
June 1 – May 31 2016

FES as Alpha Centauri have a very strong interest in improving their own social interventions and continuous training of people who work in it. Periodically their educators participate in courses, seminars and workshops of various sorts.

In addition to developing their skills and competences in the field of training, FES and Alpha Centauri also aspires to be more active at an European level to seize the opportunities of both learning and act, building its own network and refers to partners in several European countries.

In this regard, the opportunities gaven by Erasmus + program are great, and they fit perfectly with the needs of FES on one side and Alpha Centauri on the other side.

This project aim first, to acquire new skills on the practice of social theater, ability to create a network of public institutions and learn a base of the Italian/Spanish language by the use of theatre in literacy for FES and for Alpha Centauri, acquire new skills in the practice of community theater, in the implementation of a volunteers network and learn a based od Spanish language by thatre in literacy.

Other important objectives are, for all project partners:

– Increase awareness of European citizenship and values and opportunities made available by the European Union

– To improve language skills and communication skills in a foreign language

– Increase your project design skills and found raising competences.